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Summer time Fishing Tampa Bay

Well, Summertime is here in Tampa Florida, which is a great time of year to fish. Once you see the love bugs everywhere and the white butterflies, that means only one thing, Tarpon! If you are big game sport type of fisherman, no better time than now to connect to the silver king as they migrate down the coastline, preparing themselves to spawn during the full moon stages in June and July offshore. This acrobatically fish will have you tired out within minutes but definitely put on quite a show for you for an unforgettable experience. Tarpons are not the only species that travel frequently during summer, we also get quite a bit of sharks, ranging from bull sharks, bonnet heads, black tips, and hammer heads. These predatory creatures lurk in the bay as all the big game fish and bait move along the coast and pour into the bay. Also in the mix are the triple tail, cobia, Spanish mackerel, and snook along the beaches. So although the weather maybe hot but so is the fishing, just be sure to fish during morning hours as they seem to be the most productive along with the evening hours, since these are the two parts of the day that are the coolest. Tight lines and good fishing!

a fish swimming under water Tarpon


an animal swimming in the water Triple Tail

Triple Tail Fishing

Big Snook

Snook fishing

Mangroove Redfish

Red drum fishing

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