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Tampa Bay Duck Hunting

Join us for a fun filled morning hunting feathers instead of fins using a layout boat

Quick Details

Duck hunting is  certainly a blast, especially on Tampa Bay and Clearwater, Florida. As winter approaches, migratory birds start to head down our way invading our waterways. For this option, we will be using a layout boat (UFO next Gen) as our go to for hunting, while using the Black Jack bay boat to pickup your ducks as you blast them from the skies. Using a lay out boat is definitely an adrenaline rush as ducks come at you from all directions,, at times they can also be face to face  as they fly into our decoys which are setup before your trip. The types of ducks you will encounter are Bluebills, Red Heads, Buffleheads, and occasionally old Squaws. Mergansers will also be in the mix at times which include the Hooded and Red-breasted mergansers.

*Gun and shells (steel shot) are not included with pricing, if  shells are needed day of trip additional costs will apply which consist of ammunition : 30 dollars a box (please notify us prior to trip)

* You must provide your own 12 gauge shotgun, improved modify choke is what we normally use, but whatever pellet pattern that works best for your shotgun bring it.

*All rates are based on two people. Additional Hunters cost $75.00 per person, with a maximum of four people.

(Please note: Florida Hunting license, Duck Stamp, Migratory Bird Permit, and Waterfowl Permit are required for this trip. All above items listed above can be easily purchased online at

Half day trip (1 Layout boat ) (4 hours)
Half day trip ( 2 Layout boats included ) (4 hours)