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About Captain Matt

tampa flats fishing
Buffleheads Bluebill ducks Florida
back country Tarpon

Captain Matt is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed and insured full time Tampa fishing guide who charters out of Tampa, Florida. As a fourth-generation local angler, he grew up fishing the areas he charters fishes today. Although he enjoys many different styles of fishing, you can usually find him using a wide array of artificial lures in the backcountry and Tampa flats fishing areas. Redfish, Snook, and Trout are his specialties.

In addition to his charter fishing experience, Captain Matt has competed in numerous Redfish tournaments over the past 15 years, both live bait and artificial series with several top-end finishes. He can be your guide to the fish if you’re just new to the area or he can also be your teacher if you are new to fishing altogether.

Over the last four years, Capt. Matt has carefully cultivated his skills in duck hunting on the Bay to share this unique experience with his clients. As an option for something a bit different during the colder months, duck hunting charters offer an exciting new take on Tampa Bay outdoor recreation. Capt. Matt has developed a solid plan to get you locked and loaded to get in on the action.

Salty Gillz Charters runs out of a 224 Blackjack center console bay boat. The boat is fully equipped for up to four anglers comfortably for his Tampa fishing charters and uses up to date technology that consists of a 12in Simrad unit with the best mapping, using Florida Marine Tracks. The Blackjack vessel is also equipped with a 10ft Power Pole and Motor Guide Xi5 trolling motor to stay on top of the targeted area or to simply anchor in stealth mode.



Redfish fishing tournament power pole down