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Spring time in Tampa Bay Florida

Fishing is heating up with Spring like weather coming in as of this last week. As the water temps begin to go up you can expect Redfish, Snook, trout, and more to start showing up on Tampa bays flats and bays. This time of year can really produce a great day on the water, as the return of white bait also known as pilchards and greenbacks roam the flats. The fish start moving out of their wintertime haunts such as creeks and backwater canals in search of these tiny morsels the pilchards to chow down on to fatten up after dieting mainly on shrimp during the cold months. Nothing is more thrilling then finding a pod of fish blowing up on chummers that are thrown out to get the fished fired up. Also artificial lures such as soft plastics with a jig head produce numbers as well. So if its live bait you like to throw or hunt the fish using lures, we have you covered!

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