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Fishing Reports from fishing charter st pete, Fl

Tampa  Bay Fishing report

Tampa Bay Redfish triple
April 2017: Fishing has been fantastic this month and a lot of fun with lots of fish being caught running a fishing charter from st. pete, FL. The primary suspects have been mostly snook with red fish making a comeback in large numbers. This time of year bait is plentiful and fish are seeking to find that tasty little morsel called the scaled sardine or also known as white bait. You can locate them on structure or on the flats by using fish food and jack mackerel. If your the artificial type you can through top water plugs in the morning and switch to swim baits or spoons in the afternoon to resemble the scaled sardine. The water temp is climbing and the  tarpon migration is on the rise. This time of year of it is not uncommon to run a fishing charter in st. pete, Fl to Sarasota as the migration follows the coast

 November 2017: As the days are cooling down and the fronts become more consistent, fish can feel the weather change and are on the move! This is the time of year to bust out the artificials or fly and go on a hunting expedition, stalking the flats for your trophy. It is also a great time of year to still throw live bait if you can still find either in the skinny water mud or deeper water structure. Which either tactic you prefer this can be an awesome time fishing Tampa Bay as the water clears up and negative tides start coming, you can see what is actually out there with the right patience.